Ghost hunters

I dreamt that a team of ghost hunters were entering a haunted house, but to get to where the ghosts were they had to reach the attic, I watched as they moved through the different levels, and as strange things happened to them as they moved through the house. I remember the dark staircase to the attic and the sense of fear in them all.

Then I woke up and went back to sleep, as I drifted off to sleep again. I began to dream I left my car in the parking lot at Cub overnight. When I went to get my car the next day I found my car my keys were on top of the car and security had entered my car and stolen my speakers. I was with a friend of mine, we decided to leave the car and come back the next day to confront security. The next day we got in a little airplane jumped from it onto Security's helicopter I grabbed the steering wheel and crashed it into the ground. We rode the helicopter down to the ground unharmed while the security people died instantly.

The helicopter crashed landed in some desolate place next to a olden time village with all these dwarf people who were from the old west. When they saw the explosion they shoot at us killing one of my team mates. We drove to the ground for safety and crawled away back to a train. Finally the day came when we left for battle against the villagers. I forgot my shoes and we were passing through a mall. I remember going through this twisting mall looking for a cheap pair of shoes and finding none. When I finally realized I was wearing sandals. When we finally left the mall, I had a newspaper article that was from the future that explained the battle so we had to follow the procedure so we wouldn't change the past. I remember the article had this foggy picture of a forest. I remember rubbing the paper and explaining to it my team mates.

We crossed a large field where I could see the picture in the article and reached a fence that surrounded their village. The fence was large and covered in plants, one of my team mates started washing their face and the soap dissolved a small part of the fence and a kitty's paw came through the hole grabbing at us we panicked and stuffed the hole with dry grass but the villagers had seen us so we had to attack then. We jumped on the fence knocking it over. We leapt up onto fences and using our spears we stabbed them one by one, I lost my spear in someone's brain and picked up a mining axe and started swing them killing them one by one.
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dark road

I dreamt, I was driving down a dark road out in the middle of nowhere and as I drove on I began seeing dead deer on the road. The more I drove down this road the more dead deer I saw. Their bodies were twisted and piled up in places, I had to slow down to maneuver in between the bodies so I wouldn't hit their carcasses. I remember feeling like I didn't want to know why they were there and I had to keep moving on. In front of me, there was a car in the distance I saw them run through a stop sign and spin out of control into the road. I drove very cautiously after that, and when I finally reached the town I stopped at a little diner and started talking with one of the locals about how often you should change your brakes.
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demon chasers

What I dreamt wasn't me but I was watching the events unfold. The dream was about a team of criminals fighting demons in a college court yard. Soon it turned to kids getting ready to have a huge party. Students were buying lays, floaty toys, and making pineapple drinks while the criminals were stocking up on guns. The criminal team consisted of a young woman, a fat older bald man, a crazy black haired man, and another man. The team was planning on stealing a bunch of money. They arrived at a gas station bathroom and the woman and older bald man went in first, but it wasn't a normal bathroom. There was blood on the walls and it was very dirty. The walls seemed to be moving corrupting their minds making them both very nervous and hostile toward each other. Meanwhile the other two criminals waited outside in anticipation all scheming to steal from the other. As soon as they got their hands on the kidneys the two inside began feuding and shouting. The two waiting outside got impatient and the crazy black haired man began shooting up the walls killing the older bald man, and the woman ran for cover to dodge the hundreds of bullets coming through the wall. Then the alarm clock went off.
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Black house

This dream is really wierd and all over the place.
I was driving around in this dark dingy town, it was raining,
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abstracted thoughts

I had a dream where I was in a elaborate mansion, but it was dark and there was no lights. I remember crawling down a hallway floor lost, trying not disturb anything, and afraid of what I might find in the dark. I turn and I see a white orb surrounded by pitch black. I'm attracted to it, but as I get closer I realize it's a mannequin. When I discover it's true identity, I'm suddenly enraged and I lunge at it, smashing it. The pieces go flying and the sound echos. I remember worrying that I would awaken demons that would appear from the darkness that I was surrounded in.

Then my dream switched where I was a druid roaming a desolate purple jungle. I could transform into a human, a tiger, and a bird at will. I lay crouched as a tiger stalking a hunter in the distance. When my time was right, I pounced him. Attacking him almost killing him, but before I did I decided I would rather toy with him. So I sprinted away. He ran after me shooting arrows. I remember being hurt by the arrows as they struck me, but I wasn't afraid. I saw a place to hide in the distance where I could hide just long enough to transform into a bird and fly. Quickly, I snuck into my hiding place as he ran past. I transformed into a bird and flew up. I then swooped down at him, clawing at his face.

Then the dream changed again, but I wasn't actually in the dream, but I was watching it. It was about a private fairy sex resort located on this remote island. Julia Roberts when she was dressed as Tinkerbell in Hook was walking down the beach laughing with a manly version of Cornelius from Thumbelina. That's all i remember.
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dont ask

I dreamed, I was rolling around on the floor wrestling this big fat guy named Ronnie and this other guy named Darren. but i'm only wearing a long shirt, undies, and knee high socks. Ronnie grabs my boob and throws me over him. so when i hit the ground, i think maybe i should change. I head to the bathroom to change.

I change into a long black dress that buttons up the front. When i go sit on the couch to wait for him, i realize my dress is too tight and my buttons keep coming undone. I first notice when a button pops over my thighs, then when I lean over to pull it together again. my chest buttons come undone. I'm really annoyed with the dress while i try to fix it. Darren sits next to me smoking a bowl, watching me try and button up.

...?? O_o?
had other dreams too but now that i'm sitting up i can't remember them
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Had a dream where Ryan and Sarah were at my house sleeping over, which is strange because I haven't seen them in a long time, but anyway I was putting them to bed. When i get the blankets for them the first floor is flooded. I remember I had to go into the water. The water was mucky and green. There was floating body parts in water some where so mutilated that i couldn't even tell what they had been. There was one foot that stuck out in my mind, the skin was a green from age and there was a huge metal rod drove into the heel of the foot. I remember looking at it as i got in the water, and not even caring it was there. In the water I was doggie paddling next to the body debris, while my friends were on this little raft. I told them i would be right back and started swimming away. Eventually I had to dive under the water, i swam for a long time under the water without having to breathe but as i saw my destination i became short of air. So I quickly had to swim up through this attic door where there was air. When i got into the attic, I found another door which was on the floor, i opened it up and jumped down into a car. Where i was driving somewhere with my friend Ashley and she was asking me for advice on her relationship with Chaz. i remember telling her she should leave Chaz if she's not happy. which is weird cause in reality she hasn't dated that guy in years.
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I had a dream where I left my door open and this big black cat, which was about the size of a dog, had knocked over everything, covered all my stuff in big slimey hair balls and pissed everywhere. I was so upset at the cat and that I had forgotten to shut my door. but when i went to clean up. the cat wouldn't leave, no matter how hard i tired. It just would hide under things or move away hissing and clawing at me, like it was in heat or territorial. After a few failed attempts, I was becoming annoyed and decided i would lure it out by going downstairs and ignoring it. In the kitchen I'm talking to my mom about this huge cat.

When the cat came into the kitchen and hid underneath the cupboards, snarling and swiping at our feet. i got a broom, and tried sweeping him out but he was too big and would attack the broom. I'm getting pretty scared by now because i can't get rid of this cat. So I run over to the door and the cat follows me and starts hissing and pawing at the door, like it wants to go out. I scream, "QUICK LET IT OUT!" and throw open the door and slam it shut. The cat just turns around outside my door and stares up at me with yellow eyes, hissing angrily that i had tricked him. I just remeber staring at him through the door window, thinking "haha, he's outside now."

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Alien Blue Squids, Injections Memory loss, Trying to hide underground near barn, Aliens in house growing in size bursting through the Window, Closed down schools education buildings, Open post office to recieve messages from aliens, Trying to remember what the buildings were used for

Ten year old rape in bed with pauls family, Outside fall leaves blue van, Animals and creatures come from a walking path run away down street Old black man, Swimming Area Woman Fishing, Find skeleton think its candy find out it's real stuff it back into oven, Go to house with good black people, Hiding closing windows blinds afraid, See old black man again he's at the window looking at me, coming through the window, same street in beginning, feeling redundant loop
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